About Me

My name is Magna Rún. I am a fashion and textile designer from Reykjavík, Iceland. My main focus is recycling and using natural dyes and recycled materials. I have a BA degree in Fashion Design from The Icelandic Academy of the Arts as well as accompanying study in textiles from The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. 

In my work I focus on the handmade and natural dyes. My passion is to diminish the demand for new, manufactured, mass produced, chemically treated materials as the world already has enough of these. Sustainable choices are important to me as well as recycling used materials and garments. I love the idea of giving old garments new life, garments that have lost their value. The idea of retouching the garment by manipulating the fabric and give it a new colour by using environmentally friendly dyes, plant dyes and foodstuff. I like the idea of buying fewer things that last instead of many things that need to be constantly renewed.

My passion is for textiles. The feel of them, the weight of them, how they drape and fall, and I love to be able to create my own textiles. Either by weaving or knitting the fabric from thread or adding my own elements to premade fabric by using silk screen printing, dyeing or embroidering.


If you seek any further questions or knowledge, please contact me at magnarun@gmail.com.